A new way to treat obesity. A pill as effective as surgical treatment

U.S. researchers have found a new way to fight obesity and the diseases resulting from it. They have developed a formulation that offers similar benefits to gastric reduction surgery. The agent coats the intestine with a layer that reduces the ability to absorb sugars and other nutrients.

In an article published this week on the „ Nature Materials” syndromeół scientistów from Brigham and Women's Hospital at Harvard Medical School reported the results of a preclinical study of an oral agent thatóry covers the small intestine with a temporary layer that reduces the ability to absorb sugrów and other components ofóin nutritional. This measure mópomby headsóc in controlling the epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

– We imagine a pill taken by a patient before a meal, whichóra has similar effects as gastric bypass surgery. For the past few years, the wspóWe worked with surgeons on the idea and developed material thatóry meets an important clinical need – said Jeff Karp, a bioengineer and coópublication router.

Researchers were looking for a starting material thatóry would have the right properties to adhere to the small intestine and then dissolve within hours. They chose a substance known as sucralfate, an FDA-approved drug thatóry is used in the treatment of ulcersóin gastrointestinal. Researchers tailored sucralfate to their needs. In this wayób an agent was created thatóry can cover the lining of the intestine without the need for activation with gastric acid. The modified compound, referred to as LuCl (Luminal Coating of the Intestine), can be turned into a dry powdered form, and pills can be made from it.

– What we have developed is "surgery in a pill". We used a bioengineering approach to create a pill thatóra has good adhesion properties and adheres nicely to the intestines, at least in a preclinical model. After a few hours, its effects dissipate – explained Yuhan Lee, coóauthor of the research and publication.

– Gastric reduction is one of the best-studied operations in the world, and we know it can have many benefits. Of the many positive effectsów can be mentioned beneficial effects on blood pressure, sleep apnea or someóre forms of cancer. It also brought rapid improvement in diabeticów. Such a transitional coating in the form of LuCi could mimic the effects of surgery and would be a tremendous asset for patientsów and their caregiverów – highlighted Ali Tavakkoli, director of the Center for Weight Management and Metabolic Burgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

The LuCi preparation has so far been tested on rats. Researchers tested its effect of krótko- and long-term use for diabetes and obesity and the study yielded very good results. Treatment changed ingredient intakeóin nutrients from food. Sugar levelsóin rodents, whichórim administered the agent, was by 47 percent. lower than in a ratów, whichóre did not receive the preparation. This indicates that the agent has reduced caloric extraction.

With the LuCi pill, the benefits of bariatric surgery can be achieved at lower risk and lower cost. The product is very effective in reducing weight. Scientists also point out that móhead pomóc people with type 2 diabetes. Glówna cause of this disease is obesity.

Further research is needed to show that the agent is safe and effective in humans as well. However, the mainów ing ingredient is a substance already approved for use in humans, giving hope that clinical tests will take krótighter than usual.

SourceóSource: Science Daily, The Independent, photo. Brigham and Women's Hospital/ Randal Mckenzie