Artificial intelligence is better at diagnosing skin cancer than doctors

When it comes to diagnosing skin cancer, artificial intelligence outclasses even experienced doctors, according to a new study. Diagnosis made by algorithms based on images has a 95 percent. effectiveness.

According to a study published in the journal „Annals of Oncology”, The algorithms were significantly better at diagnosing melanoma than humans.

Teamół scientistsóIn France, Germany and Stanóin the United trained algorithms to recognize cancer skóry. Artificial intelligence learned to recognize dangerous lesions skórne based on more than 100,000 images. Machine – a deep learning convolutional neural network or CNN – then faced competition from 58 dermatologists from 17 countriesóin identifying dangerous nevi skórnych.

Of the 58 participantsóIn the study, slightly more than half had more than five years of experience in cancer diagnosis skóry. 19 percent. had from twoóch to five years of experience, and 29 percent. Were novice doctors with less than two years of work experience.

Unfortunately, humans fared worse than the machine. Dermatologists detected 86.6 percent of the. cancerów skóry in cfówn to 95 percent of. effectiveness for CNN.

– CNN left out less melanomaóin, meaning it had a higher sensitivity than dermatologists, said the head of theóThe paper’s lead author Holger Haenssle of the University of Heidelberg. Artificial intelligence also classified fewer benign nevi as cancers, which in practice would result in fewer unnecessary surgeries.

Performance of a dermatologistów improved when they were given more information about patients and their changes in skórnych. However, despite this, the compositeół behind the analyses acknowledged that artificial intelligence could be a useful tool to make sk cancer diagnosis faster, easier and, most importantly, effectiveóry.

Melanoma in someórych parts of the body, such as skóra of the head, is extremely difficult to detect. About 232,000 are reported worldwide each year. new cases ofóin skin canceróry. The number of deathsów caused by this cancer reaches more than 55,000. annually.